Interior stylist

Rachel Schwartz

Rachel isn’t like the others…


Aside from tripping over an Amazon box or a sneaker a child left in the middle of the floor, walking into your home really SHOULD feel good. It could be the light coming through translucent sheers in the living room, the textured bamboo wallpaper in the dining room or that impeccable velvet pillow you couldn’t resist for the sofa in the den. It’s your sanctuary.

That’s where Rachel comes in. She can’t appear every time to tidy up, but she can make you love being there.

Rachel’s interest in the creative arts landed her jobs in New York and California at Atlantic Records, Rolling Stone Magazine, ABC-TV and Avenue Pictures. That was followed by 10 years marketing her family’s century-old paper business. Rachel grew up in a home where aesthetic adventure was abundant, so it was natural for her to be inspired by design, hue and luxury. A passionate collector from the time she was sixteen, Rachel has an innate space and color sensibility – her rooms are imaginative and inventive but always livable. Her style is maximalist without being excessive, mixing old and new, classic and unusual, welcoming a healthy dose of color, shape and texture that radiates throughout her work. Rachel sees every inch of a room from the ceiling to the floorboards and doesn’t miss a detail. Equally comfortable in a suburban colonial, 18th century farm house, city apartment or beach bungalow, Rachel has vision.


Time for play.

When not collaborating with clients, Rachel can be found designing custom wallpaper, on a quest for vintage textiles and artisan furniture makers or at trade shows and antique marts. She will comb the Internet for fresh ideas, antiques and one-of-a-kind items, all so her client can have that ONE special piece. She will stop at nothing! At the end of the day, Rachel’s been known to sneak into the back of a yoga class or enjoy a (rare) quiet moment at home with her cat, dog, husband and 3 young children (in that order).

“Rachel is a rare combination of truly creative and extremely efficient. She has impeccable taste and style. I felt safe taking risks in her capable hands. Everyone that walks into my house asks for her contact information.”